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Expect the Best of Kids Photography at Fantasy Portraits.
NEWS: Mark Ruff has received the accolade of ‘Master of Photography’, an internationally recognised level of excellence.
NEWS: Fantasy Portraits and PicPress win Gold for Best Photo Book at the Print Industry Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) 2013 AND Gold in Victoria at the National Print Awards 2014.
You could say that Fantasy Portraits are the best children photographers available.

A personal note from Mark and Kate Ruff …

We know that your Child is the most important thing to you.
We have two daughters.
We know and understand how quickly they grow up and how important it is to capture certain times in their lives. They just grow up too quickly!

We can’t stop them growing up, but you can keep the memory of them with kids photography from Fantasy Portraits.
You may think they will stay this way forever, but they won’t, and before you know it they will be young adults and that special time when they were young may be lost.
We are all too busy with our careers and lives, and special times may just be a fleeting memory.

Seize the moment – do it now!

It is best to come in for a ‘consultation’ so we can discuss all your requirements, see our costumes and view our prints, clocks and books – this is part of our ‘customer service’.

Our Hollywood style of photography immerses your Child in an enchanting world, creating an exclusive  portrait that will be cherished forever.

Your Child will love the bright colours and the environment they appear to play in.

The portrait sitting is very simple so it will not confuse or intimidate your Child.
We have a number of costumes that your Child can wear, or you are welcome to bring your own if it suits.
What we do after the photography session is magical.

We do not take snap shots, nor are we a commodity photographer churning out a high volume of photos – we produce well crafted images that will endure for a lifetime.

Our Fantasy Portraits of children are simply the best – we create images that are very different and very special.
We have many virtual environments to choose from to suit a boy or girl of almost any age.

For Children from 3-13 years, you need to allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for a session.
Babies can also be photographed, however, the right time of day is an important factor when making a booking.

Our creation fee can suit everyone.
Express: For the budget conscious.
Standard: Most Popular.
Deluxe:  Top of the range!

After hours on Tuesday and Friday night are also available.

After the photo session, at a later date, you will be invited to a “viewing session” where you can see your enchanting images in a variety of sizes.
These photographs will not hide in the cupboard, they will be hung with pride.

Everyone loves our style of image making, if not, then you pay nothing.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity that will certainly create conversation in your home.

Give you and your child something that will be enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime – a wonderful investment and a future heirloom.

Call Mark at Fantasy Portraits NOW on: 0488 174 220











What people are saying ...

"We were after something special and different so we went to Fantasy Portraits. The experience was wonderful and the kids had a great time. Thanks Mark and Kate, we are really happy and we will be back for more!" Belinda May – Hampton Park, Melbourne, 4 prints

"When we first saw Fantasy Portraits the photos leaped off the wall at us and we knew we wanted something like that to remember our son at this special time in his life."

Kelly Lindsay - Melton, Melbourne, 4 prints

"The pictures were magical and we wanted to buy them all!"

Jae Mistica -  Bundoora, Melbourne,  9 images

"Our son, Matthew went on a great journey. It looked like he had been all around the world battling off skeletons and dragons as a swash buckling pirate.  These pictures tell a great story."

Craig and Naomi Carvill - Cranbourne, Melbourne, 12 images

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